Tangle Tile Sketchbook
If you’re fanatical about tangling and doodling, you’ll love the new Tangle Tile Sketchbook! With blank squares outlined in a choice of pale gray as well as black, you can now give your designs a brand new look by drawing in a lighter shade! The Tangle Tile Sketchbook is 8.5″ […]

New! Tangle Tiles Sketchbook: 3-inch Blank Squares with Black and ...

blank squares sketchbook for tangles, doodles & craft designs
Exciting news! I’ve just rolled out a fresh new look and feel for Blank Squares Sketchbook: 6 x 3″ Squares for Tangles, Doodles & Craft Designs! If you like the styling and texture of the matte covers used in my Customizable Journal, Planner or Notebook with Dot Border Guide series, you’ll love the new cover […]

New Cover for Tangle/Doodle Blank 3-Inch Squares Sketchbook

How to Colour a Background and Reduce Ink Bleeding Through the Paper The quality and thickness of paper in colouring books can vary greatly. It is not uncommon for ink and markers to bleed through the colouring design and cause staining on the back of the page. This may not be a problem […]

Video Tip: How to Minimize Bleed-Through When Filling a Background ...

I’ve come to the conclusion that the easiest and best way to customize journal pages is by using journals with a dot border guide from the Arty Outlines series. If you keep a journal, planner, specialized notebook, logbook, or a design sketchbook, you’ll know that it’s hard to find the right kind of book. This is particularly true if […]

VIDEO: How to Use the Dot Border Guide to Customize ...

Easily Transform Blank Pages into Unique Journals, Planners and Notebooks Using the Dot Border as a Guide! Now you can create one-of-a-kind books for writing and drawing without the need for distracting grids covering the pages! Make your own custom journals, bespoke planners, specialist notebooks, unique illustrated composition books or annotated sketchbooks, and much more! [QUICK LINK to Sales Pages] Sarah […]

New! Customizable Journals, Planners or Notebooks with Dot Border Guide

how to make an orange-jack-o-lantern
In ‘Leave the Light On!’, my illustrated spooky children’s story, Grandma lights a Halloween jack-o-lantern inside the house when a storm knocks out the power supply, and the young cousins and dogs all sit around it on the floor. In the real world, Grandma would not have lit a wax candle inside […]

How to Make a Jack-o-Lantern From an Orange (Safe For ...

When it comes to tangling and doodling, there is no doubt that the old adage is true ……  “practice makes perfect”. So, with that in mind, here’s a great idea for practicing your Zentangles and background doodles, and keeping everything together as a inspirational reference guide: Take the background ‘filling […]

Doodle and Tangle Tips: Part 1 (2 Videos)

Create Unique Designs with these Customizable Blank Panel Sketchbooks Are you disappointed with the current selection of blank panel sketchbooks?  If you are using these books to create comics, cartoons, illustrated journals, graphic novels, and other text and image designs, do you get frustrated because the panel templates are not easily modified?  Well, your days of frustration are […]

Customizable Blank Panel Sketchbooks for Comics, Graphic Novels, Illustrated Journals, ...

blank squares sketchbook for tangles, doodles & craft designs
Have you been searching for a sketchbook with large blank squares so you can practice drawing Zentangle and doodle designs? If so, then be sure to check out my latest book – I’ve designed it with you in mind! The Blank Squares Sketchbook: 6 x 3″ Squares for Tangles, Doodles & […]

A Sketchbook for Zentangles, Doodles and Other Art & Craft ...

Blank Comic Panel Book If you are looking for a blank comic sketchbook with square panels, then  Blank Panels for Comics & Cartoons: 6 x 3″ Squares will fit the bill – you can keep all of your ideas in one handy book. It’s great for kids and adults! This blank […]

Blank Panels for Comics & Cartoons: 6 x 3″ Squares ...

This is the first in a series of guest video posts featuring useful tips, tricks and training on colouring techniques and craft projects.   In this video, the cartoonist, Will Terrell, uses Prismacolor Premier markers for demonstrating tips on colouring and shading with markers. In this video, Tim demonstrated his tips for coloring with […]

Coloring with Markers – Part 1

Paisley & Mehndi  Duos  is a colouring book for adults and older children inspired by the motifs and style of traditional paisley (boteh) patterns and henna tattoo (mehndi) art.  The single-sided designs are printed in strong outlines and duplicated on white and black backgrounds to create contrasting duos. You’ll get twice the fun from colouring […]

A Look Inside Paisley & Mehndi Duos Colouring Book for ...