August 3, 2019

Sacred Geometry Cover: Customizable Journal, Planner or Notebook with Dot Border

Sacred Geometry Cover: Customizable Journal, Planner or Notebook with Dot Border

Easily customize blank journal pages using the dot border guide: create unique journals, notebooks, planners and sketchbooks

Quickly transform blank pages into bespoke journals, planners, notebooks and sketchbooks using the innovative Dot Border as a Guide! No more pages covered with annoying dots or square grids! Now you can easily create one-of-a-kind journal pages for written or drawn content without the need for distracting grids covering the entire page. The subtle light grey dot border guide leaves the body of the page completely blank and ready for customization!

This 8 x 10" (20.3 x 25.4cm) multi-purpose journal contains 128 pages with dot borders. It has a soft cover with matte finish, and can be used by adults, older children and teens.

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About the Book

If you keep a journal, planner, or design sketchbook, you’ll know that it’s hard to find the right kind of page layout for your personal content. Most journals on the market lack flexibility and have pages covered with lines, squares or dot grids. These features are always intrusive and spoil the look of the pages, especially if you are drawing illustrations or prefer blocks of content. The alternative might be to use a book with completely blank pages, but that could be time-consuming to customize from scratch.

The unobtrusive dot border guide in this customizable journal enables you to quickly and easily subdivide the page with lines (which can be erased later) at any angle, length or spacing. Even the area outside the dot border can be used for extra content or to create a decorative frame.

With the dot border series of journals, you can design your book exactly the way you want it — the only lines and dots on the body of the page are the ones you put there! Enjoy creating your unique journal, planner, or sketchbook now!

Series: Arty Outlines Journals, Book 2
Genre: Journals
Tags: blank journals, customizable journals
Format: paperback
Length: 132
ASIN: 1539820068
ISBN: 9781539820062
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