Tangle Art Templates Book 2: Geometric & Abstract

Tangle Art Templates Book 2: Geometric & Abstract

Design Starters for Spiral, Doodle & Tangle Art.  

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About the Book

Get inspired and take your tangle, doodle and spiral drawing to the next level with these geometric and abstract art-starter templates. If you freeze at the sight of a blank page, these flexible designs will provide a framework to get your creative juices flowing. Now you can take all the techniques you’ve been practicing on tiles or squares, and use them to create page-size pieces of Zentangle-inspired art!



This is Book 2 in the Tangle Art Templates series. The size is 8.5” x 11” (215.9 x 279.4cm), the pages are printed single-sided, and there are 40 templates with a mix of geometric and abstract designs. Other books in the series offer a variety of different template themes: Cartoon Creatures, Mandalas & Tiles, and more.

The Tangle Art Template Series has been specially designed for doodle, tangle and spiral drawing techniques. There is an abundance of white space within the designs so you can easily create your own unique interpretations of the templates. You have freedom to subdivide larger sections in as much detail as you prefer, draw more elements, add text, or design a decorative border. The variations are endless! Alternatively, use the templates as they are – you can decide whether to embellish the main sections only, or just the background, or fill the entire page with decorations of any style. Let your imagination run wild!

Drawing tangle, doodle and spiral art is a mindful pastime which is calming, enjoyable and creative – great therapy in our challenging times. This enjoyable activity is suitable for a range of ages and abilities, which makes it a fun way for the whole family to unwind at the end of a busy day. Have fun and get creative with the Geometric & Abstract Tangle Art Templates!

Series: Arty Outlines, Tangle & Doodle
Genre: Tangle & Doodle
Tags: Arty Outlines, doodle sketchbook, illustration, tangle sketchbook
ISBN: 9798571688154
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