Tintable Tales: Ten Magic Monsters

Tintable Tales: Ten Magic Monsters

Tintable Tales: Ten Magic Monsters:  A unique illustrated counting rhyme & activity book combo designed to entertain, stimulate the imagination and develop artistic skills.

The Tintable Tales edition of the Ten Magic Monsters is an unusual and engaging story and activity book combination. The original illustrations have been converted into black and white line-drawings. Children can TINT (color/colour) the main images, SHADE the backgrounds, and DRAW extra elements to create their own unique version of the book.

Ten Magic Monsters is a light-hearted, modern, family-friendly twist on the traditional counting rhyme, Ten Little Indians (also known as And Then There Were None). It is an enjoyable way for monster-loving 2-5 year olds to learn numbers, counting and colors/colours. This Tintable Tales edition will also appeal to older children (5-8 years) who can add their own artwork and content to the book (including writing their own version of the rhyme). Scroll on for more details and a video preview.

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About the Book

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The Story

This book is a ‘must-have’ companion to the original picture book, Ten Magic Monsters. The Tintable Tales (Tint, Shade & Draw) series features picture books which have been converted into clean black & white line-drawings accompanied by the original story text. This creates an engaging story/activity book combination which celebrates and stimulates imagination and the development of artistic skills. Kids can TINT the illustrations, SHADE the backgrounds, and DRAW extra elements on the pages to create their own unique edition of the book.

The size of this book has been enlarged to 8.5” x 11” and extra activity pages have been added. The illustrations are printed on one side of the page only. Tinting tips are included, and more related information and videos can be found on sarahinnins.com. The original picture book will appeal to 2-5 year olds, but children from 5 to 8 and older can enjoy this book.

Ten Magic Monsters is a light-hearted version of the traditional counting rhyme ‘Ten Little Indians’ (also known as ‘And Then There Were None’). It is an enjoyable way for monster-loving young children to learn numbers, counting, and colors/colours. Older children can embellish the illustrations and create their own version of the counting rhyme.

Magic Monsters are unusual creatures with magical powers — they can morph into different shapes, change size and color/colour, and even disappear. They have fun doing activities that kids love like dancing, running and cycling. During each activity, something happens to one of the monsters, and it leaves the group accompanied by a sound effect. In this family-friendly version of the rhyme, no monsters were harmed (unlike in the traditional version), and they are all reunited at the end of the story.


Series: Children's Books, Tintable Tales, Book 2
Genre: Children's Books
Tags: drawing, illustration, Kid's books, picture books, rhyming stories, tintable tales
ASIN: 1673179800
ISBN: 9781673179804
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