Travel-Size Tangle Tile Sketchbook Edition 2

Travel-Size Tangle Tile Sketchbook Edition 2

Travel-Size Tangle Tile Sketchbook Edition 2: A Pocket-Size Workbook with 3-Inch (7.62 cm) Blank Squares for Tangles, Doodles, Arts & Crafts

EDITION 2: New and improved!

This popular sketchbook for tangling and doodling has been updated in February 2020 with a new size and layout.

Creating Zentangle-inspired art is a mindful, relaxing and rewarding pastime – now you can take your creativity anywhere with this easy-to-use travel-size Tangle Tile sketchbook! Scroll on for more details and a video.

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Travel-Size Tangle Tile Sketchbook Edition 2 has a new size: 8.25” x 6” (20.96cm x 15.24cm). The spine is now on the shortest side so that the book can be flipped and used in portrait mode (with the spine at the top) where it is most comfortable for both left and right-handed artists.

The sketchbook has 52 3-Inch (7.62 cm) blank squares with black borders (2 per page), and is printed single-sided. There is a generous inner margin near the spine, so page removal is easy (preferably with a blade rather than scissors). Tips and ideas are included in the introduction. Additional blank pages have been included so you can create full-page Zentangle-inspired art designs, or you can use them to test for marker and pen ink bleed-through (always recommended), and as protective backing sheets under your work (also recommended).

You can archive your finished tangle and doodle designs in this sketchbook or remove the completed tiles for use in creative projects like scrapbooking, collages, greetings cards, gift tags, mobiles, and decoupages.

Enjoy tangling and doodling on-the-go!

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