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Tintable Tales Background Shading Tips

Tintable Tales: Grandma’s Spooky Stories takes place in the dark. Only the heads and faces of the characters can be seen lit up by the jack-o-lantern lamp. In the original story, the background is tinted solid black, but it doesn’t have to be like that. If you think solid black backgrounds are boring, you can get creative with these ideas:

Take a look at comics, manga, graffiti art and other media to get ideas for shading backgrounds.


Try using black around the middle of the page then gradually change to another shade around the edges. This gradual change of shade is called a gradient (you can see this on the book cover).



Try using bands or zones of different shades moving outwards from the black middle (like an uneven bull’s eye target).




Try using a lighter tint for the background, and then draw parallel black shading lines on top. These would be closer together or thicker nearer the middle to make it darker, and more spaced-out near the lighter edges.





Try using cross-hatching (criss-cross lines) instead of line shading.





Try filling the background with a lighter tint. Then add black around the middle and change to black dots which get smaller or more spread out towards the edges. This is called stippling.



Try adding a snazzy border or frame around a solid black central background.




Try creating a star-burst effect with radiating black triangles on a lighter background.




Try using a sun-burst effect with alternating rays of black and another shade radiating from a black middle.



Be creative! Use your imagination!

*TOP TIP* Always place a blank piece of paper underneath the page you are working on. This will protect the page underneath from marker ink bleed or drawing pressure lines from pencils.

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