Grandma’s Spooky Stories

Grandma’s Spooky Stories

Grandma's Spooky Stories:  Imagination is a magical superpower -- let your kids' imagination run free!

This light-hearted rhyming story is illustrated in a simple comic book style. It features a familiar cast of creepy creatures, and shows how our imaginations can get overactive in the dark. Young kids will love joining in with the refrain after Grandma’s spooky verses — it starts with a blood-curdling scream! The book will appeal to pre-schoolers, reluctant readers, and parents or grandparents who enjoy adding a touch of amateur dramatics to their narration.  Scroll down for more details and a video preview.

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About the Book

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to read ‘Grandma’s Spooky Stories’ with its cast of creepy characters and spooky verses, this picture book is fun any time of year! It is part of the ‘Rhyme Time Tales’ series of children’s stories.

This light-hearted story looks at the power of the imagination and how it can start working overtime, especially in the dark. The story is told in rhyme and is very simply illustrated in a comic book style with speech and thought bubbles. Only the faces of the characters are shown as they sit around a jack-o-lantern lamp on the floor in the dark. We can see their expressions and what they are thinking.

Video Preview

This video features a previous cover.

The Story

The action revolves around four cousins who are staying at their grandparents house for the night. When a lightning strike plunges the house into darkness, Grandma seizes the opportunity to enthusiastically tell spooky stories. Although her creepy verses get increasingly absurd and unbelievable, the cousins get a little spooked. When someone knocks at the front door, they are convinced that it’s the bogeyman coming to get them! I won’t spoil the ending, but thankfully, Grandad is able to calm the cousins down before bedtime.

This story is humorous and has lots of opportunity for audience participation. It is suitable for 3-8 year olds and adults who enjoy adding a bit of amateur dramatics to their narration.


Series: Children's Books, Picture Books, Book 1
Genre: Children's Books
Tags: Kid's books, picture books, rhyming stories, verse
Format: Paperback & eBook
Length: 36
ASIN: 1720209561
ISBN: 9781720209560
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